Bamboo Symphony


Building our own office – there was the need to take a step in the direction of bringing about a paradigm shift in the use of building materials. The search brought us to bamboo.  Winning us the Category Award for Office Buildings in the International Bamboo Buildings Design Competition–Hawaii in 2007, our office accommodates the 50+ team of our multi-faceted staff, retains all the trees in the premises, enjoys optimum natural lighting in every corner during daytime, and good natural ventilation and thermal comfort—the best principles of vernacular designs yet modern in its form and feel.


Contemporary bamboo
Bamboo is used as a structural component in combination with prefab RCC columns, prefab  ferro-cement beams and reinforced plaster so as to arrive at an attractive functional and replicable combination of technologies.  These are now being further refined/ upgraded by Inspiration along with Sri.Vilas Gore our Senior Associate,  for standardization and assembly line production of prefabricated components.