SwaSwara Home

Recognised as one among the best spas world over, designing and building SwaSwara, Gokarna,  has been our quest to discover how truth in spatial design can evoke positive energies.

Built in laterite, brick and mud mortar, without formwork, the blue dome is clad with handmade blue ceramic tiles. In SwaSwara, this building assumes the position of ‘sanctum sanctorum’.

Created in hues of earth, in harmony with the land that nurtures her, celebrating simplicity and purity, saluting the local ethos and cultural heritage—SwaSwara celebrates organic architecture in totality... Besides these,  the most important contribution to ecology sensitive design in SwaSwara is perhaps the integration of the concept of total water management in the design stage itself.


A CGH Earth experience
Predominant use of laterite as building material is what strikes ones eye everywhere.  Crafted aesthetics take priority here. Thus we have the majestic entrance vault in laterite, the free flow of polished red oxide from floors to walls to pillars, the embellishments with handmade terracotta mural tiles, the traditional wooden pillars...