Spice Harbour, Cochin



Visualised by their new-gen Executive Director George M George of Muthoot Group, to set a trendy benchmark in designer boutique hotels, Spice Harbour went through a lot of initial uncertainties. Muthoot board who are the owners of the property, made it clear that, their idea definitely is not to splurge money, and that the project should make absolute financial sense. So they set stringent time and budget targets for the operations team ‘ Raxa collective’.

Raxa, an international group, who have a radically progressive approach to tourism and hospitality, founded by Crist and Amie Inman during their days in Cornell University, tried various architects for designing the project. They zeroed in on ‘Stapati’ under Ar. Tony Joseph and their Bengaluru team under Ar. George Seamon and Ar. Anupama. Amie Inman, the Design Director of Raxa, spelt out her aesthetic expectation and ‘Stapati’ came up with interesting designs.

But then combining own aesthetic expectations, Muthoot boards’ budget and time expectations, and quality standards and norms of the order expected  from a boutique property of highest international repute, was the biggest problem of Raxa, then onward. They struggled to get clear time, budget or quality commitments from anybody. The uncertainty of building bye-laws, poorly updated land records of the municipality and militant trade unions added ‘spice’ to the complexities.

Providentially, Raxa came across ‘Inspiration’. ‘Inspiration’ has a unique multi-disciplinary team under their principals, Architects Jaigopal Rao and Latha Raman Jaigopal. ‘Inspiration’ was given the mandate to wield the surgical knife where needed, come up with own design improvisations, and ‘make things happen’. Together with structural design skills of Er. V.S Venkitachalam and interior designer skills of Shweta Moni, their associates, and working with their own uniquely blended engineering and crafts teams, ‘Inspiration’ was finally able to deliver a property which Raxa is pleased to acknowledge as ‘amazing’.