Sterling Green Vistas, Munnar Home

The renovation of Sterling's 180 room Munnar property, with a master plan for 300 rooms,  is an experiment  in  'blending' aesthetics.


Mauve and green
The colour scheme of the public spaces is a contemporary interpretation of the shades of purple, violet, mauve and indigo of the exotic and mysterious flower 'NeelaKurinji' for which the region is famous, together with the expansive greens of the tea gardens around. 

Blending aesthetics
The very fact that the location is Munnar, the interiors allow and take in the maximum of the exteriors.  Elements of wood and  brass artefacts, the theme of 'Kathakali' - Kerala's famous dance drama for the theme restaurant, the assorted collection of cooking utensils forming the wall hangings together with earthiness of rustic bamboo blinds bring in the elements of the vernacular.