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Lawrence Wilfred Baker

All human beings are not necessarily aggressive, destructive or exploitative.  
Some among us are possessed of unusual energy and ferocious drive.  When such people set themselves higher targets of commercial success and quest for power over others, quite often  they are blinded by their ambitions and they become insensitive.  Then they become exploitative of nature, they become exploitative of fellow human beings, they lie, cheat, bully others, become corrupt...they become crude human beings...and in turn, they through example, encourage  a whole army of people in their team too to become crude human beings.  
Laurie Baker was a beacon of hope  for a new world. He too was possessed of enormous energy and drive.  But,  
He chose to channelise these qualities in a very conscious and creative way in the construction sector, to evolve aesthetic standards which are least exploitative of nature, perhaps even enhancing natural cycles...  
He chose to respect crafts and crafts people and bring expressions to their innate abilities by  creating an atmosphere conducive to their joyous free expression.  
In a world which became insensitive to sufferings of fellow human beings living in the most pitiable of living conditions, he chose to motivate the better privileged humanity to discard opulent, indulgent,  wasteful lifestyles and instead adopt simple comfortable aesthetic standards which can be unusually delightful, lovable without inhibitions and immensely affordable,  all at the same time.  
He chose to keep on reminding each and every one of us that more than half of human beings hardly have a decent living space or even access to good drinking water, sanitation and basic comforts—and each one of us have a responsibility towards at least being sensitive and do what is possible within our means to address this  gross inequity.  
His life was a message in humility...  
We at Inspiration (and sister concerns Artisans' Trust, Craftworks and Crafthouse),  salute our mentor Architect Lawrence Wilfred Baker,  popularly called Laurie Baker, and draw inspiration from his life and works...