DEBANS Master Plan for Pune Home

Carried out with our associate partners CDD and Alchemy Urban Systems, the project was  initiated by a few unusually committed government officials. It  was an  opportunity to assess the possibility of integrating decentralized sanitation solutions with conventional (centralized) systems through Master Plan Preparation for Pune City. Identified Debans opportunities included:
Nallas–decentralised treatment of waste water streams entering the nallas and feeding the nalla with treated water, preventing encroachments and protecting nalla catchments, preventing solid waste dumping into nallas by providing collection, sorting and decentralised treatment plants - therein converting the nalla banks to green walkways with a mission and message to the populace.
Urban Poverty Pockets – Community Based Sanitation for the over 40% slum population of the city.
Newly Developing Areas–Cluster level DEBANS modules for newly developing areas.
Grey Spots–identifying and providing DEBANS approach to grey spots which are presently not being served by the Centralised network.
Institutional Areas–promoting DEBANS approaches to be adopted by large institutions like the army, various educational institutes etc by way of tax incentives - thereby reducing load on the centralised systems.
Hot Spots (Markets, Abattoirs etc.)– specialised treatment modules for hot spots such as markets, abattoirs etc.