Safer Cities for Women Home
A project initiated by UN Women, Jagori New Delhi and Sakhi Trivandrum that looks into the need to making our cities safer for women which recognises that women and children have a right as citizens to have safety in their city. In addition to social measures such as sensitive policing, helplines, gender sensitisation etc, a wide array of urban planning measures are also inherent in the approach. As advisors to the project, Inspiration looked in to the short term, mid term and long term interventions in city planning. A pioneering concept put forward is that of 'SakhiSatrams' - small 500 sq.ft kiosks located near key areas such as bus terminals, railway stations etc. Each kiosk shall have a small cafeteria which serves coffee and dry snacks, emergency medicines, spaces for charging mobiles, toilets/ change rooms and a help desk which provides information on safe taxi networks, hotels/ hostels/ auto services etc. The satrams can be set up by the local body with private partnership and run by Kudumbasrees (neighbourhood womens groups).