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Cities across the world are grappling with the negative consequences of urban sprawl, long commutes and high dependence on the private car. Cities in the developing world are also struggling to balance the equally important imperatives of economic development, social equity and environmental sustainability. In our own country, projects that are important for promoting economic development are becoming unviable in the face of increasing resistance to land acquisition and other forms of inequity.

The SDZ is an innovative land use cum financial model which attempts to create a balanced solution for urban growth. SDZs can be configured based on expected investment opportunity, present land use, population density, and carrying capacity of the land. A typical SDZ of 1,000 acres can be optimally designed to cater to about 30,000 population and a 40-50% growth over the years.

In a project given priority by Government of Karnataka,' Inspiration' along with project partners Mirah group - Mumbai, has offered to set up a pilot SDZ in the outskirts of Bangalore Municipal region, provided GOK fulfils their part of commitments.

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