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Presented as a consensus choice of environmentalists and concerned citizens of Kochi, Inspiration's concept presented to GCDA for Vision Kochi 2030 involves developing network of small self sufficient  townships, interconnected by mass transit systems, such as metro roads, water transport  system , efficient bus networks  and sub urban rail systems, wherever appropriate, along the periphery outside the CBD area. Once the peripheries are properly designed they will attract excess population from the inner city’s unplanned areas. This will eventually enable planned revitalization of inner city areas too.

The role of GCDA in developing such self sufficient town ships /SDZs can be that of a facilitator on behalf of state government  and local bodies. GCDA also needs to develop the trunk roads, mass transit systems, water transport systems, water supply mains, electric  supply mains and other vital infrastructure facilities.

In the next 18–20 years, there is a scope to develop around  50 such SDZs, as each SDZ is expected to absorb migration of around 20,000 people.

This can have a revenue stream of over 1.6 lac crores  (at 2012 prices) and will boost investment in the manufacturing sectors and in core infrastructure areas.  And all this is possible, causing least damage to environment, at  the same time  ensuring social equity.

For more info :
‘Less car cities’ on YouTube.