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Water is a resource getting scarcer by the day. Total water management for a region or a project area involves
a) guidance in conserved use of water for varied applications such as for drinking and cooking, for washing and bathing, for irrigation, for flushing wastes etc.  b) waste water treatment, disposal or recycling  c) rain water harvesting and d) recharge / drainage of storm water.
We have pioneered construction of several medium and large scale rain water harvesting reservoirs. Carefully channelising rain water falling in every part of the land, conveying it through well designed network of sub-surface filter drains or open drains into recharge pits or catchment lakes have become part of many of Inspiration’s landscape projects.
For sewage and domestic waste water treatment, Inspiration with our associates have come to conclude that, in a number of tropical countries, decentralized in situ predominantly anaerobic treatment systems have definite advantages over traditional centralized aerobic systems. Inspiration has in-house expertise in design of small, medium and large scale DEWATS systems for domestic sewage and waste water treatment.
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