About us
Inspiration combines a team of architects, project management personnel, planners, infrastructure engineers, structural engineers, interior and product designers, landscape designers,  horticulturists, trained artisans and technicians – all under one roof. With over 20 years of experience in the field of ecology and economy sensitive designs and constructions, Inspiration today enjoys a niche clientele in the field – ranging from individuals, business houses / corporates, Government departments and NGOs – who aspire for sensitively designed habitat and environs. We have completed over 500 projects, and have received local, state, national and international level recognitions for our concepts and our works.
Over years of working, we have come to realize that any new project has to be designed sensitive to a number of  ground realities and often ignored factors including
  • the concept of environmentally sustainable development.
  • balancing financial investments against possible returns.
. • balancing budgets and timelines
. • balancing high quality expectations of today's discerning clients / customers / consumers
  • need to be sensitive to terrain, need for conservation of natural resources and conservation of natural heritage regions including forests, wetlands, rivers, lakes etc...
  • need for conservation of energy and switching to renewable sources when possible
. • bio-climatic designs and the realities of climate change
  • need to be socially responsible amidst often  over  built and obsolete governmental and societal,  systems and norms.
. • concept of social equity in a world aspiring to be more democratic
  • concept of gender equality and evolve a new lifestyle and aesthetics based on today's circumstances. 'Inspiration' aspires to take on the challenge of being a sensitive design and implementation agency in the construction sector, and try and respond to the changing needs of the day. 
To advise and guide 'inspiration's pioneering attempts, we are in the process of setting up a 'think tank' of eminent planners and social scientists hailing from different parts of the world.  This think tank is expected soon to evolve into a ' World Institute for Sustainable Habitats' (WISH), in the near future.